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Most of today will be filled with packing, cleaning and bins, I just hope I don’t get them mixed up along the way and end up with old newspapers and plastic packaging in my suitcase.

Yesterday I spent most of the day working on a project and at a job interview so somehow I don’t feel ready to up my stales and head off for six weeks, but since the date on my ticket tells me a different story I better get ready.

The one thing I really hate about going away is packing, planning ahead for several weeks and having to make up your mind how much you want to bring always frustrates me. And for the last few days I’ve had the washing machine going at full speed trying to make sure I don’t leave any of my favourite items behind. I can’t help but wish for of those ladies maids that would wrap everything in silk-paper and make sure you were prepared for any occasion, all your belongings magically packed and unpacked without you having to lift a finger.

So as I stare into the sallow depths of my suitcase – why didn’t I buy a bigger one – I really long for a Mary Poppins style carpet bag, everything would fit in and I could even bring my own teapot!