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I can’t believe the day has arrived – it’s time to move out (for a little while) and on. Last night i spent hours packing, sorting, repacking, and finally going to bed very tired to dream about more packing – and I have to admit that I even got up a few times and took things out of the suitcase, added a few and tossed and turned wondering about the contents. The bigger problem is what I had to really scale down my ‘mobile office’ and books –  who knew that clothes wasn’t the issue but books and note pads!

Now everything is stowed away and all I need to do is pack everything into the car and head out for my two-night-sleepover at the most enchanting home in Dublin. And while I am really looking forwrad to spending some time in a place I love so much it does feel a little bit odd to be in Dublin but not at home.

But since it is the beginning of my six week adventure I will just go with it and see what I find – I may even check out a few wardrobes along the way and see if I can find my way to Narnia.