A Dark Truth

Andy Gracia in "A Dark Truth"
Andy Gracia in “A Dark Truth”

Radio talk show host and ex-CIA agent Jack Begosian (Andy Gracia) is trying to make sense of his past by seeking the truth in his nightly radio show. But when he is hired by heiress Morgan Swinton (Deborah Kara Unger) to uncover a water crisis-spurred massacre in South America Begosian sees his chance for redemption.

Sadly The Dark Truth aspires to more than it delivers. The combination of third world exploitation, corporate cover-up and a leading man trying to do the right thing aims to be highly dramatic, yet still weighty, but only succeeds to feel like a made-for-TV movie.  And even though Gracia tries to hold the poorly written script together it is just not enough.  The action scenes are underdeveloped and bland, the plot too fragmented and the characters have no depth. In addition to this the viewer can’t help but feel that well-know actors like Forest Whitacker and Eva Longoria are past their prime.

It seems as if the aspirations of Director/Screenwriter Damian Lee and his budget were too far apart. His attempt to create a disturbing drama like “Blood Diamond” or an action thriller like “Tears of the Sun” with A Dark Truth failed.  And even the cynical and world-weary monologues of Begosian in his recording booth fail to inspire as everything is to obvious or clichés to actually make the audience think.

The Dark Truth may have good intentions but is boring and filled with lackluster stars, and truthfully not worth the price of a ticket

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