staycation versus fernweh

Ireland is not really known for its hot sizzling summers and this year the lack of sun has officially reached an all time high.  With the rainfall only raising the water in puddles the holiday mood around town is at an all time low.

Most Dubliners can’t afford to follow their Fernweh, which literally means having an ache for a distant place, and have had to opt for a fashionable Staycation. And if it wasn’t for the unseasonably bad weather we are having, Dublin is actually a great place to stay and holiday in.  Sitting right beside the sea with several lovely beaches scattered around Dublin Bay, their clean swimming water and colourful ice-cream vans ready and waiting for a swim and a splurge, Dublin is really a seaside town, which many seem to forget.

But for those who don’t want sandy feet and salty skin Dublin has lots of parks filled with trees, flowers and children’s climbing frames, perfect for picnicking and enjoy a fun day out with the family.  There are even cliff walks and the botanic gardens that offer free fun for all, much like the many museums strewn around town. For special treats there is Dublin Zoo, a small trip to the exotic wildlife of far-away places, or Groupon-deals for weekends away in multi stared hotels somewhere in Ireland and discounted spa days.

However a look out the window confirms what many suspect, the sunny weather has gone on vacation and left us with dark clouds, blustery winds, low temperatures and buckets of rain.  Unsurprisingly this had led to a sudden surge in last minute purchases for sunny holiday deals.  And even if many are still struggling to keep pennies in their pockets, a little gift from the ongoing, tedious recession, small-loans, plundering mattress savings and only eating porridge has allowed many to follow the call of the sun and give in to their Fernweh.

No matter if Fernweh has lured you away or a penniless purse has forced you into a Staycation one thing is clear: we all need a break.  So breakaway from your day-to-day trudge and enjoy long lie-ins, indulging in you-time, rediscover old hobbies and recharge those rundown batteries.

After all as Scottish writer Kenneth Grahame (The Wind in the willows) once said:

The best part of a holiday is perhaps not so much to be resting yourself, as to see all the other fellows busy working

written for Cheers Magazine Aug 2012

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