Think Like a Man Too

1200290 - THINK LIKE A MAN TOOAfter the mess the film Think Like a Man was two years ago it comes as somewhat as a surprise that there is now a sequel: Think Like a Man Too.

The last film used Steven Harvey’s best-selling relationship book to create a loose story around the battle of the sexes, this time around there isn’t even such an excuse.

Set in Las Vegas, the five couples find their relationships tested, in the most unlikely of situations. Candace (Regina Hall) and Michael (Terrence Jenkins) want to tie the knot but his overly domineering mother (Angela Elayne Gibbs) keeps getting in the way.

And while the men and the women try to beat each other at having the best stag/hen do on the glittering Las Vegas strip you can’t help but feel someone was trying to create a bad Hangover/ Bridesmaids mash up and not succeeding.

And doesn’t even matter that there are a few individual performances by some of the cast and even the few funny moments that Kevin Hart does supply are too over the top, predictable and nothing new.

Think Like a Man Too was a massive flop when it came out in the USA earlier this year and it is doubtful that it will score big in the box office here either. Don’t waste your money on a ticket, as the only thing you’ll probably enjoy is your popcorn.

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