Sex Tape

Sex-Tape-trailerFor his latest slapstick comedy, Sex Tape, multi-talented Jason Segel has not only teamed up with director Jake Kasdan again, but with co-star Cameron Diaz, too. However this time around the story is more about the “what happens next” phase of romance.

Settled as a married couple with two kids, living and working in the suburbs , Annie (Cameron Diaz) and Jay (Jason Segel) seem to have the perfect life. But ten years of marriage have diminished the passion and they just can’t seem to find the time or energy to have sex.

When Annie’s blog lands a fantastic sponsoring deal she takes matters into her own hand, gets her mum to babysit and tries to seduce Jay on roller-skates. But things don’t go as planned and after several failed attempts to awaken their libido Annie comes up with the glorious idea, much to her husbands delight, of making a sex tape.

However since Jay has the curious (and very generous) habit of gifting his used iPads to friends, family, the mail man and even Annie’s boss Hank (Rob Lowe) , the home made sex tape gets uploaded to the cloud, available for all to view. And after an anonymous text alerts Jay to his faux pas a whirlwind adventure ensues.

Sex Tape is your typical slapstick comedy, very much in the vein of Segel’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, just with a lot more naked bums. The adolescent humor and thinly veiled double entendres do make for some entertaining viewing but overall are just too predictable. Sex Tape is a mix of everything that has come before, a little bit of Meet the Fookers, a splash of “Father of the Bride, a hint of Bad Teacher and some Marshall from How I met your Mother.

Segel does what he always does, dopey looks, silly quips, and he obviously relishes showing of his behind. And the chemistry between him and Diaz, like in Bad Teacher, just isn’t there. Both leads seem to be too occupied with themselves to actually act with each other. And Diaz , as always, tries to hard at playing the hottie hat she forgets her age. However her body does looks great and she shows off a lot of it.

Over all Sex Tape is a lighthearted comedy peppered with a lot of nudity. Nothing to taxing and some scenes are quite funny, if over the top. But maybe, to paraphrase Annie and Ray, you’ll f***ing love it.

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