12 thoughts on “Samples”

  1. goodoldgirl said:

    Well done!

  2. Jensine,

    Those samples are impressive…honestly! What various parts did you contribute to the projects? Keep up the fantastic work!


    Steve Whitaker – CEO/Creative Director
    http://slbm.co – marketing & business blog

  3. Loved Whip It!!!
    These are so well done. Eye candy.

  4. Very nice job!! I work in design too….but in Argentina lol!!

  5. Nice one, wannna help me design a sample section of my Dublin History book?
    Oh go on, please. Either way, like the blog, keep up the good work. -Arran.

    • jensine said:

      sure … what are you thinking about? Is it work, hobby, project?

      • arranqhenderson said:

        Love to say work, it is work for me of course, but I’ve no € or advance on table at present. I have meetings soon with two sets of publishers. I want it to be a very visual, more or less “coffee-table” book and I want the sample/submission (about 25 pages) to reflect my vision of the book. I’ve lots of photos, some of them very good, but not the type-setting or design skills, or even software to make it like I want. Would you really help? That would be amazing. -Arran.

      • jensine said:

        sure … we’d need to meet up and depending on your deadline the question is when… do you have a few books that you like the look of so we could “copy” them? And I would demand a mention, a copy and maybe you can help me too … trying to get freelance writing work and publish my book but don’t have too many contacts. And yes I do understand we are all precious about contacts but lets swap

  6. That’s only fair. You’re on. Deal. and see you soon. -Arran.

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