The Devil Inside

When Isabella Rossi (Fernanda Andrade) was a little girl her mother (Suzan Crowley) called 911 and admitted to killing three people. Now, 20 years later, Isabella finds out that it was during an exorcism that her mother committed these murders and that not only did the church cover it up they aren’t answering any questions she asks. In a bid to find out what really happened Isabella travels to Rome and visits her mother in the Centrino Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Before she meets her mother face to face she befriends two priests and ordained exorcists (Simon Quaterman & Evan Helmuth) who try to help her understand how to discern demon possession from mental illness.  Fear, curiosity and many questions lead Isabella on a path that she finds impossible to return from.

Filmed in a documentary style, The Devil Inside relies heavily on the viewer believing that the story is true and not just another pseudo-documentary.  The one-on-one confessionals/interviews with the main characters help develop their role and give insight into their personalities while delivering background information to help move the plot along. Sadly the suspense the film creates at times is never quite delivered on and although there are several special effects reminiscent of The Exorcist or the Blaire Witch Project the film is never really scary.  Although bloody and brutal in parts viewers may miss much of it due to the wobbly camera or the loss of light and quick scene change. Overall the story never really gets off the ground and the viewers are left somewhat unsatisfied.  On a side note if anyone thinks the nun on the poster plays any major role you will disappointed.

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