I love to write. Ever since I was four years old I have wanted to work as a journalist. I use to make typewriters (yes it was in the days before computers lived on our desks) out of cereal boxes, strictly alphabetically ordered as I had no idea what qwerty was or that it existed. I followed my dream and studied journalism in Germany and now write for whoever will publish me (Cheers, Suburbia, Click, Abroad, Backpacker and  irsihnewsreview.com).

Film reviews are something I really enjoy as it combines by love for writing and my hobby of a cineast. I so enjoy finding out about things so my topics vary; everything from the quirky clothes-shop around the corner, my love for shoes, my mad hair or some fascinating physiological facts can flow from my fingertips on to the page in front of me.

With a passion for research I love delving into any topic and finding out answers to questions I have never thought of before. Sometimes I am amazed by who is linked to what and why something works the way it does.

Creative writing has also always been a hobby of mine. When I was fourteen I wrote my first book, it was a collection of short stories about a dragon called FiFU for a little girl I baby-sat. From then on I wrote many a fairytale for my own entertainment or as gifts for friends and family. Currently I am working on my first novel, not a fairytale, but a story about friendship and finding who you are and what you really want in life.

6 thoughts on “writer”

  1. Good luck on your first novel. I would love to review it on my blog.

  2. Did you know the QWERTY keyboard was intentionally invented to slow typists? You were creating the original keyboard with your cereal boxes!

    • I know … but I was a slow typer then and now my six finger system flies around the keyboard at quite a speed .. even if four fingers get to rest .. my thumbs always have a good snooze

  3. It would be great if I could read one day your novel, it will be interesting for me

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