Disney is back and this time around the Princess is Scottish and animated by Pixar. This not so typical fairytale is set in the Scottish Highlands and the heroine is the feisty redheaded and hot-tempered Merida (Kelly MacDonald).

Forced by her mother, Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), to learn everything a princess needs to know and how to act in a courtly manner, Merida sneaks out whenever she can to ride her horse and shoot her bow and arrow, with her flaming red hair always free flowing and wild.  King Fergus (Billy Thompson) loves his daughters’ wild nature but bows to his wife’s will and understands the importance of tradition.

But when Merida discovers that she is to be married off to one of the neighbouring clans to preserve the peace and fulfill a promise made long ago she breaks with tradition and enrages everyone in the process.  Not getting her way Merida runs away in true teenager style and finds a way to change the course of her life, with disastrous consequences.  Of course in true Walt Disney tradition there is always a way for those who believe.

This beautifully coloured and painted animation shows the true talent behind Pixar and although this is their first venture into the world of fairytales and also their first true female lead it is much more a Pixar than a Disney film.

This truly beautifully painted story about nonconformity, real relationships, emancipation and taking life into your own hands is another wonderful Pixar film and everyone in the family will enjoy the trip to the movies.

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