Film Reviews 2012

2012 was a year filled with some great films, some not so great and some pretty weak. Here are a few film reviews to help you decide if you want to spend a few hours of your watching them!

Skyfall – 26th October 2012

Frankensweenie – 09th October 2012

Grabbers – 25th July 2012

Brave – 25th July 2012

Magic Mike – 09th July 2012

Seeking Friend for the End of the World – 09th July 2012

Dr Suess’ The Lorax – 09th July 2012

Detachment – 29th June 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man – 29th June 2012

Joyful Noise – 26th June 2012

Friends with Children – 26th June 2012

Think Like a Man – 22nd June 2012

Jeff who lives at home  – 11th May 2012

The Lucky One  – 03rd May 2012

The Raid – 03rd May 2012

The Avengers Assembled – 29th April 2012

Damsels in Distress29th April 2012

Bel Ami, not-so-seductive – 08th April 2012

The Devil inside -03rd April 2012

Extremely loud and incredibly close – February 2012

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