If you are expecting Mr Darcy or any Colin Firth lookalikes Austenland is going to disappoint.

Austen addict Jane (Keri Russell) just can’t find her perfect gentleman so after she pours herself another cup of tea she decided to invest all her savings in a trip to England and stay in Austenland, a Jane Austen themed park, romance guaranteed.

Since she only bought the copper package she watches from the servants quarters how ‘platinum’ Austen fans Elizabeth Charming (Jennifer Coolidge) and Lady Amelia Heartwright (Georgia King) are treated to the full blown experience, petticoats and four-poster-beds included.

Realising that she may have made a big mistake she pairs up with stable boy Martin (Bret McKenzie) and mocks the ludicrous games of make-believe. But of course there is a twist, a dance and a love story.

Sadly Austenland is anything but Austenesque and is very painful to watch as it over the top juvenile with no subtleties. Coolidge does what she always does with her overbearing stature and boobs. And although Russell delivers what is expected of her it is just not enough.

If director Jerusha Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) and producer Stephenie Meyer (Twilight Saga) think that this is what women want they have gotten it very wrong. This sub-standard jokes and stale plot are just too silly and very messy. And while the film does circle around the Americans fascination with British culture and heritage and the female desire for romance it really doesn’t deliver.

Austenland is as far away as you can get from Jane Austen’s beautiful storytelling and detailed character drawing. And I am sure that all involved feel no sense of pride at the end result and all your negative prejudices will be proven right if you do want to waste time watching this trivial drivel.

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