Already kissed today?

We all love to do it but who knew that kissing is not only a really enjoyable pastime, albeit sometimes maybe a little wet, but is also really good for us! American research has shown that you can live up to five years longer if you take your kissing seriously and it has many other health benefits!

Kissing makes you happy. Well we all know that but there is actual scientific proof.  A passionate kiss releases an equal amount of  “happy-hormones” (endorphins) to a bite of chocolate. So the next time you are feeling blue and have a craving for some chocolaty goodness, maybe choose those luscious lips of that special someone instead.

Kissing helps you stay healthy. It may not sound very appetizing but the bacteria in your saliva is important for your immune system. So, by kissing and exchanging your bacteria you are increasing your resistance towards those nasty sicknesses and helping your immune system to stock up. Just don’t do it in public while in Indonesia as you could pay a fine up to €25.000 and you may have to extend that holiday to a 10 year prison stay!

Kissing boosts your fitness levels.  While kissing your heart rate goes up raising your blood circulation through out your body. In addition to this kissing is great exercise for your lungs, as during and after kissing you take 3 times as many breaths increasing your oxygen intake. You feel fitter and more active afterwards.

Kissing is good against those pesky wrinkles. You can use up to 38 face muscles while passionately kissing. This means we are exercising our face, lifting those sad muscles and tightening our skin. Lots of kissing means we look younger and an added bonus is that you lose at least 10-20 calories for every minute you kiss.  So a good long snog helps you turn back time and may actually turn a toad into a prince with some patience and lip-balm.

Kissing is good for your teeth. We all know how important good mouth hygiene is when it comes to kissing. But did you know that kissing actually helps decrease decay? We produce more saliva when we kiss and this in turn eliminates the acid coat on teeth, less coating means less decay and plaque. Keep the toothbrush and floss, but add a kissing routine and your dentist bill may just go down.

Kiss the stress away.  Kissing triggers many biochemical reactions in our bodies and one of them destroys the stress hormone Kortisol.  So on a special note to all husbands and partners out there, studies have also shown that men who kiss their women before they leave for work in the morning, not only reduce their stress levels and have fewer car accidents but they also have a higher income. Go figure!

Knowing all this should just encourage us to pucker up and get kissing, smooching, snogging or whatever you like to call it. And with International Kissing day coming up on the 6th of July you even have a great excuse to “practise”. Just remember chewing gum and excessive kissing in public are both considered kissing taboos. And maybe refrain from randomly kissing strangers as it could lead to unforeseen complications and be a hazard to your health.

(Suburbia Magazine June/July2011)

4 thoughts on “Already kissed today?”

  1. I like it! I may have to get me some medicine tonight, i.e. medicinal purposes 🙂

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