2 Guns

denzel-washington-mark-wahlberg-2-gunsDo you know the saying: Never rob a bank across the street from a diner with the best donuts in three counties? Well Bobby Trench  (Denzel Washington) and Marcus ‘Stig’ Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) do, so they blow up the diner! With this explosive opening scene 2 Guns sets the tone for an action filled summer blockbuster.

Bobby and Stig are a team, or at least the seem to be one. But when the bank heist goes wrong they soon discover that they are not who they said they were.  Both are undercover, Bobby from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and Stig is naval intelligence, and both are investigating a Mexican drug lord called Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos).

This is just the first twist of many throughout the film. However it’s not the plot that makes for good viewing but the relationship between the two main characters.

Like in so many other “buddy” films director Valtasar Kormákur has paired an unlikely couple and created enough friction to keep the viewer interested. Combined with well-written quips by screenwriter Blake Masters and Wahlbergs off –the-cuff remarks 2 Guns is entertaining, funny and, true to its graphic novel roots, a little violent.

However there are several flaws.  Why does no one ever notice Bobby and Stig hanging around well-to-do suburbs in a very loud and obvious-looking Dodge? How did Stig’s commanding officer Quince (James Marsden) find out about the bank Tres Cruces? And what happens to the police without their donuts?

A bigger issue is Paula Patton. As Washington’s love interest and handler Deb, she may be very beautiful but she is neither femme fatal nor damsel in distress and leaves the viewer wondering what she is doing in the film other than getting in the way.

But overall 2 Guns is entertaining and if you like a good ‘buddy’ movie in the vein of Lethal Weapon or Die Hard you’ll properly enjoy 2 Guns

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