Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Meteor Matilda is approaching earth fast and in 21 days the world will end.  Of course this means that every day is now casual Friday at work, you can have sex with random partners, not having to worry about any consequences and heroin is the latest party gift.

But while everyone around him has succumb to debauchery, drugs and random looting Dodge (Steve Carell) is stuck in his midlife-crises thinking of all the women who got a way, including his wife. Always playing it safe he sells insurance for a living, even the Armageddon package, and while he keeps trying to fire his cleaning lady he can’t help but wonder where everything went so wrong.

His neighbour Penny (a healthy looking Keira Knightly) is his opposite, a free spirit with a love for vinyl and the wrong kind of men. Always five minutes behind everyone else she has missed all the planes out of the US and can’t help but be upset by missing out on spending her last days with her family. When she discovers that it is her fault that Dodge didn’t get a letter from Olivia, the love of his life, the unlikely pair partners up to try and help each other.  With the agreement that she won’t kill him if he doesn’t rape her the two of them and Sorry the dog go on one last adventure, all bundled up in a tiny blue smart car.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is not your typical rom-com, although it is very funny in parts and tender and romantic in others, but refreshingly the ending is not your normal Hollywood scenario. The main let down in this film is that there is no chemistry between Knightly and Carell and while you could understand why someone like Dodge would fall for Penny, the reverse is not believable. Knightly is good and looks better with a bit more weight on her but Carell only has two facial expressions and none of them ever suit the situation.

But if you are looking for a funny and at times endearing film to while away a few hours on a grey and wet afternoon, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is a good, enjoyable choice.

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