Man of Steel

First-Image-of-Henry-Cavill-as-Superman-in-Man-of-SteelIn Hollywood’s latest reboot Man of Steel the story of Superman is given a facelift and some changes.

With Krypton disintegrating into civil war and environmental meltdown Jor-El (Russell Crowe) decides that the only future for Krypton lies with his only own son.  So while his world is crumbling around him Jor-El sends his baby boy into space, fending of General Zod (Michael Shannon) at the same time and sacrificing his life for his beliefs.

On earth Clark Kent (a very buff looking Henry Cavill) drifts around from one menial job to another, always trying to keep his powers a secret, yet never able to let go of always doing “the right thing”. Tormented by inner demons Clark is trying to find out who he is and where he is from.

In a series of flashbacks Clarks background and history is revealed and his adoptive father (Kevin Costner) as the source of Clarks inner struggle.

When the US government find a spaceship trapped in ice Clark finally finds the answers he is looking for and a love interest in the Pulitzer Prize wining journalist Lois Lane (Amy Adams).

From that point onwards the story become messy. General Zod and his troops invade earth and attempt to turn it into a new Krypton. Clark, in his new superhero outfit donning his famous “S”, which incidentally doesn’t stand for Superman but for “hope” in Krypton, of course does the right thing.

Director Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300) and producer Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins) are obviously comfortable in the realm of superheroism, however they do seem to put an emphasis on it being a burden rather than a gift. And in the scenes where little Clark begins to discover and test his powers they do create a believable context for Clarks trauma and self-doubt.

But overall the film lacks. The chemistry between Adams and Cavill is just not there and while he has a permanent frown on his face she is annoyingly perky.

No matter how many epic battle scenes, collapsing buildings and burning spaceships  Man of Steel is too long, too messy and overall just another attempt of reviving a Hollywood classic that doesn’t quite work. But undoubtingly it will be a big summer blockbuster and find its fans.

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