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I have a problem – one of the literary kind. As someone who loves to read books are always a big part of any trip I take, but since books are heavy you can only ever take a few (yes I know there is Kindle, but I don’t have one and I do enjoy a ‘real’ book).

This year I wanted to be good, I had a plan: one book the rest would be borrowed or bought once abroad. But now that plan has been thwarted. Yesterday afternoon Amazon knocked on my door, books I had ordered a while ago had finally arrived and I wasn’t expecting them to, as they were per-ordered.

I only wanted to take the book I was reading, The Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInerney and then give it to my sister. But since I started dipping in and out of The Lonely City by Olivia Laing I had succumb to the idea of two books, after all the second is sort of research. But now with the latest delivery I am faced with temptation.

One of the books that arrived is The City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin, a book I have been waiting for. I stumbled on The Passage  a few years ago and devoured it, Luckily for me The twelve had just been published and I was able to keep reading. But it took until now (nearly three years) for the last in the trilogy to be published and I really don’t want to wait any longer to crack the spine. But it’s a heavy hardback and will take up a lot of space in my suitcase.

Another of the books is The New Kings of Nonfiction edited by Ira Glass, research for a project I am working on. It would be the perfect summer read, a balance to what I will be doing and time well spent while away,  but again 450 pages to carry with me.

The last two books are easy reads, summer books that I could wait to plunge into, but do I want to? After all the lure of a new book is hard to resist.

So now I have a bookish dilemma, how many books can I take or should I practice delayed gratification and suffer until the middle of August?

can I resist the lure?

can I resist the lure?