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Yesterday evening I was treated to a steak dinner and the best company possible when I met up with two lovely friends of mine. One has just bought a house, one is busy traveling and enjoying looking for new challenges and then there are my own meager adventures.  So with lots to talk about it was a wonderful night out and as I made my way through the grey and wet night I couldn’t help but smile.

But once on the bus I was greeted with sullen, tired faces, a direct reflection of the miserable night outside. I took my seat and let my thoughts wander, when suddenly a baby’s giggle vibrated through the bus.

It was an unexpected sound, and while I am sure that the parents were only trying to humour their tired tot, it changed the atmosphere in the bus within an instant. The baby, maybe eight months old, was somewhere between sleepy, grumpy and delighted and his young parents were entertaining him. It was clear they were trying to keep him from crying and sleeping wasn’t quite on the cards.

As the little baby boy gurgled in glee and his loud laughs filled the gloomy bus smiles began to spread on everyone’s faces. Yes, even the cool dudes in the back couldn’t help but allow their mouths to curl upwards.

It was amazing to see how one small child brought so much joy to a grey and miserable night and as passengers disembarked many waved and said goodbye to the little boy who celebrated his new found celebrity status with more delighted sequels.