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So much of our lives circles around the mundane and what we do on a daily basis that we often forget that most of our memories are made from the unusual. For me many of my memories are of travel, when I break away from the ordinary and get to see the special.

One of my travels in recent years was particularly exceptional for me, it was my trip to St Petersburg. As a teenager I discovered Wassily Kandinsky and Alexander Rodchenko and through them the Russian Avant Garde and it’s birthplace St.  Petersburg.

As time passed my desire to visit this incredible city only grew so when I was finally able to go it was a fulfillment of a dream. It was an extraordinary experience, one so far from my ordinary life that it still colours my thoughts, and possibly always will. I’d love to go back one day and discover more of this extraordinary place.

The view of St. Petersburg's cityscape as you approach from the Tsar's summer home Petershof (Petrodvorets)

The view of St. Petersburg’s cityscape as you approach from the Tsar’s summer home Petershof (Petrodvorets)