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This week I am extremely busy. Between working all off last weekend and my students completing their end of year projects, designing and editing a small local magazine and getting all of my grading done I have no time whatsoever.

It is only Wednesday morning and I feel if it should be much later in the week, but at least I will be (hopefully) meeting my wonderful friend J. before she heads back to Berlin at some point.

And I do have something else to look forward to. On Saturday I will be driving right across Ireland to Ballybunion on the west coast to take part in a Women in the Media conference. The only problem is it means getting up at 5am in the morning to arrive in time for the first symposium, and I know I will be longing for more time in bed when that alarm rings. However a few hours of lost sleep is a price I am very willing to pay for this great event.

I went last year and it was wonderful. Lots of amazing women (and a few supportive men) talking about the world of media. A great place to meet like-minded ladies, network and just have fun.

A bonus is that Ballybunion is truly beautiful, if a little deserted at this time of year. Situated right by the sea and littered with sandy coves it is very relaxing and I can’t wait for my mini-break away.

But until then, I will just keep busy and count down the days and make sure my camera is charged for the weekend. After all I am sure to have few hours in the afternoon to take a couple of photos, like these I took last year.

seat steps gate