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cakeYesterday I spent my evening surprising a friend J. She is a wonderful Irish lass who has made a home in Berlin, and is back in Dublin for a few days to visit friends and family alike. Since her big three-O is arriving in a few weeks her adorable sister decided to throw her a surprise birthday party.

Over the past few weeks she has been plotting and planning and yesterday all her hard work could be seen written all over J’s face. When she opened the door and everyone shouted surprise she was overwhelmed with emotions. She couldn’t hold in her tears of joy and spent must of the evening in a state of disbelief and excitement.

J’s mum and dad wined and dined us and offered cupcakes in vibrant pinks and blues. As the evening wore on and turned into night I grew tired and left the party well past midnight. But before I went I was given a reminder of a great night with an old freind and many new ones in the delicious (unhealthy) shape of a cupcake.

So as I sit at my desk today, working on several projects all at once, my head spinning my fingers typing, I look forward to an afternoon treat and will relive some of the fun of a successful surprise party.