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quayYesterday was another one of those days that was filled with a few too many things and only very little time to catch up with your own thoughts.

After a busy morning at DBS – finishing up some end of year projects, getting pages printed, an important meeting about my teaching hours next semester and putting the student magazine to bed,- my tummy was grumbling and demanded immediate attention.

I had about 30minutes to grab a bite to eat before I had to go to a writing work-shop and I decided to enjoy the spring sun down on the quays.

Dublin is divided into two halves, by the river Liffey. And while I work on the south side I live on the north side, and so does the Irish Writers Center, where the workshop was being held.

I grabbed a sandwich, a hot cup of cappuccino and sat down on the boardwalk and enjoyed my quick lunch while watching the sparkling Liffey flow by. The sounds of the city all around me, pigeons eying my food with hopeful glances and tourists posing for photos entertaining my thoughts.

And while it was only a short break in my busy day, the blue skies and sunshine did give me a sense of a mini break, a perfect spring day that makes you smile.