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Today a friend of mine is coming to stay for a week, she is in the process of moving and needs a place to stay in the meantime. But before she can come I really do need to clean.

My floors need a good wipe and I have spotted a few spiderwebs in “hard to reach” corners, so a thorough dusting is needed. The only problem is – I hate cleaning! But I do love a clean home.

So I have decided to finally push my inner procrastinator aside  and spring clean my house into submission, sparkle up those counter-tops and tiles, wipe floors and dust corners, I have even cleaned out the fridge and am in the process of tackling the hob.

To help me swing my mop and steady the broom I will put on some music and shake my duster in tact to some 80s pop. And I know that once I’m done I will not only love my clean surroundings I will be happy to invite my friend into a spring-fresh home.

And who knows,maybe my muse will join in the cleaning fun and I’ll be able to sit down at a tidy desk and type out some good inspiration. After all good ideas do tend to come in unexpected moments and what could be more unexpected than while cleaning a toilet?


my new mop

my mop