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Yesterday The House Presents had its last night before the summer break and it was a long night that ended up in someones kitchen.

The first act of the night was I am Niamh, a cute little singer with a huge keyboard and a loop microphone. It wasn’t quite to my taste, and I have to admit that I still can’t make up my mind if she can sing or not. But after she had left the stage Larry Beau came on and enthralled all with his minstrel tunes and lyrical songs.

As the night wore on and the glasses emptied it became clear that no one really wanted to go home, so when it was time for The Annesley House to kick us all out some of us wandered down North Strand to the souterrain Kitchen of P., and luckily for us he had some brownies ready and waiting.

Cups of tea were brewed, glasses of wine refilled, cigarettes rolled and stories told. As the night turned to morning a few songs were sung leaning against the kitchen cupboards. And as I listened to B. sing an old Irish song and Larry remembering another, I couldn’t help but smile how sometimes the best nights are those had around the kitchen sink – there really does seem to be a certain kind of magic that happens late at night in kitchens.

a cocktail late at night

a cocktail late at night