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On Thursday I am leaving for Germany, my baby niece is being baptized. But, as always, going away involves some serious packing. After all there are two sets of nieces and nephews that need to get some aunty love in form of gifts, I have  a stack of books for my sister and the all important tea, then there are a few other gifts that need to be packed, and on top of all of that I will be needing clothes for nearly two weeks.

And not just any old clothes either, an outfit for the church, and then there is a little trip up to Copenhagen with my Godmother that requires a few nice garments. And of course I will be needing my camera, laptop and all that other stuff that requires a selection of cables and plugs. And of course a few pairs of shoes!

So while I take care of my washing and pull out my suitcase from under the bed I think between today and tomorrow I will somehow get the chaos sorted. After all I do so love to travel and the packing problem is a price I am happy to pay.