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The lovely Tanvi awarded me the other day and I am only getting around to sharing it now. I am thrilled as I have only been blogging six weeks, 3000+clicks, 77 followers, 42 posts and three awards later I am hooked. I have no idea how I will survive next week when I am off invading Germany and the internet will be but a memory. Happily the stint will only be for ten days so I can save up all my weird, wonderful and wacky thoughts for when I get back. So being versatile or ambidextrous if you will, is what I aim to be!

Anyway the rule is, post the award, nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers and tell your readers seven facts about yourself!

So here are my seven facts:
1) I love shoes, have a shoe tattoo and love trying them on when I feel low … even if my purse can’t afford my longing.
2) I drink way too much tea, or possibly just the right amount in my eyes. Have a huge ug on constant standby and never run out of teabags.
3) I enjoy dancing and singing along to ABBA when I cook and bake … “The name of the game” is my favourite.
4) I was born in South Africa, grew up in Ireland, moved to Germany and studied there, moved back to Ireland eight years ago and love it here in Dublin.
5) I love liquorice, especially the salty kind. I keep a tin of it in the kitchen and eat a little nearly every day.
6) I will pick savoury over sweet every time and have a real thing for cheese … the smellier the better
7) Have wanted to write since I was four years old, still unpublished the dream lives on

And my nominees are:

morezennow I just love her posts and enjoy reading her thoughts

erikchristian I enjoy reading his tales and they are so beautifully written

postitscribbles is always entertaining and very divers

girlinthehat I love her, her honesty and fearlessness

LilandJill I’ want to move in with these girls (and yes I know they’ve had it before but so what)

Snottingblack I have so much fun reading her take on the world and I always have to smile

400daystill40 following her on her journey is truly inspiring

simplysolo as a single bilingual I enjoy connecting with what she writes

Sally and her delightful treats always make my mouth water

IslandGirl is a real breath of fresh air and looks so cute in that hat

Suzy with her pinkness and creativity are just adorable

goodoldgirl is very entertaining

astimegoesby always inspiring outfits and posts

bloggerintraining bluntly honest and a good read

stylishbabe makes me wish I had long hair

There you go, 15 lovely blogs I read and love so check them out and don’t forget to like and comment on them all. We bloggers need and enjoy the attention! 🙂