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Time is money people say but I think time is worth a lot more than just a few colourful notes that fit neatly into your purse or you store away in your piggy-bank. Today I just want to hit pause and store up time as I have too much to do and very few hours to do it in.

Sadly life didn’t come with a remote control and no matter how hard I look I just can’t seems to find the manual on/off button either. So as I type this, one eye on the tiny clock in the corner of my screen, I can’t help but think about all the things I would rather be doing this weekend than spend time stuck behind my desk working.

In a world where you can’t have lunch without people making business deals on their mobile phones and laptops seem to have invaded our homes and leisure times, even food is fast and blouses non-wrinkle it doesn’t surprise me that we all live with stress as a constant companion.  His heavy breath on our necks as we jog from one appointment to the next, his impatient foot-tapping ringing in our ears when we stop for an unscheduled ice-cream, the big frown on his face constantly reminding us of time running out and the way he pulls and pushed us to get things done. Stress even slips into bed with us sometimes, reducing our hours of rest by tossing and turning and setting the alarm early. The funny thing is, we sometimes even help create our own stress, and I am always guilty of that.

I spent the week pushing somethings I have to get done around my desk, never quite making eye-contact and always focusing on more enjoyable tasks.  Sadly the time has arrived where I can push no more and stress is no longer a kind little man but a big angry giant. As the minutes tick by I have less and less time to do what is needed but my my mind is still putting up a fight sending me images and ideas of much nicer pastimes.

So with a big sigh I acknowledge I no longer have the luxury of leisure and can only dream of a day, sometime next week, where time is mine again and I can do as I please, even if it is just watching the hands on the clock move as Stress stomps around with nothing to do.

Stress: it’s worse than you think