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You know those days where everything just seems to go wrong – you get up late, you spill your tea, you miss your bus and it just all goes downhill from there – well my Friday was the opposite of that. It was  a day filled with pleasant surprises.

The sun was shining so I walked into town as I was asked to teach a few extra hours, much to mine and my back accounts delight. The day went well, the students were great and I had exactly the perfect amount of material prepared, not too much as to be rushed and not to little as to run out.

I had to switch classrooms and buildings so on the way from one to the other I came across a little cupcake place that was doing a special so I purchased one on a whim – hazelnut and caramel –  a treat for later, it was if I knew I’d have something to celebrate.

On my way home the bus pulled up just as I got the stop and since the card machine wasn’t working I got a free ride. Back home a pair of free tickets to a film were waiting in my letterbox and the books I ordered last week arrived as I was shutting the door.

The guy who was  fixing the shower (it broke on Monday as I was washing the suds from my hair) had left and the show was working again, with a little extra power. But the best was yet to come, a ping into my emails and I found out I had completed my masters successfully. Relieved and happy I made myself a cup of tea and enjoyed my cupcake, celebrating my masters in the sweetest way possible, the perfect ending to a near perfect day.