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For months now I have been looking for a new deck chair, one that supports my spine instead of hurting my back. So I have finally said good bye to my old one, it served me well for about eight or nine years and I loved its cheerful design but it was definitely time for a change.

However finding a deck chair isn’t that easy when your budget is tight and you want something that will make your time spent at your desk more comfortable. Frustrated with the prices I was finding when going online I decided to see if any of my Facebook friends could help and as luck would have it someone could.

On the Friday, my near perfect day when I celebrated my Masters, my lovely friend, who runs the Sue Ryder charity shop at Five Lamps, got in touch with me saying they had a few desk chairs in stock and I should come and take a look – which I did.

I got the bus a few stops early and discovered that the shop is so much larger than you think – an Aladdin’s cave filled with bargains –  and tucked away in one of the stock rooms I found the perfect chair for me. After a friendly steam of the office liquidation leftover I handed over a handful of Euros and wheeled my new desk chair home.

Now every time I sit at my desk my back sighs with relief and I hope my comfortable chair will help keep me focused, more than just some back support for the projects I have in store.