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This morning the world is dipped in blue, the cold light breaking through the early morning clouds has coloured my neighbourhood in a pale azure, somehow very fitting for this slow time of year.

As I sit and type – slowly and not knowing where it’s going – I wonder if the blue of the atmosphere around me is seeping into my mind as I feel tired after a good nights sleep. But then, maybe, we are just more closely related to those clever animals that hibernate in blissful sleep while the world around them deals with cold and gloom and we too long for a few months of peaceful slumber.

So, as I yawn and rub my eyes the light stays dim, tricking me into forgetting the time and as the morning moves towards lunch I seem to be getting not much done. Maybe it’s time to ignore my inner longing to cuddle up in bed with a book and a cup of tea and paint the world around me in brighter hues of my imagination.