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Today is the first day of the second semester for my masters, so I am back to being a student again, even if only for a few hours a week. But this week there is another new beginning – I’m starting a new job tomorrow.

It may be only two days a week (I’m still lecturing after all) but it is a new endeavour with lots of new challenges. Over the next six weeks or so I’ll be writing a user manual for an interesting tech company here in Dublin. I’m quite excited about this, but also a  little nervous. After all I have written guides and a manual in the past but the are of tech is new to me, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to quickly adapt and produce exactly what the company is looking for.

And I spotted some new beginnings in my tiny back yard …  some tiny shoots of (I think) snowdrops have appeared on my windowsill and I can’t wait to watch them bloom. But this also means I need to carve out some time to tidy up my pots and windowsills and invite spring to come along.