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Books are a very important part of my life and I like to surround myself with them. Since my home is tiny there are limits to how many books I can own, so I tend give quite a few to charity and only keep the ones I truly love.

So, I do understand that books take up space but I really find something somewhat unsettling about homes that don’t have bookshelves and people who don’t read mystify me.

But when the postman knocked on my door yesterday morning with a brown parcel filled with books in his hands, I realised, that I needed to reorganise my bookshelf to accommodate the books for my Masters. And while time was tight yesterday I spend 30minutes freeing up some space for them and now they proudly sit on the top shelf in my little home office, my eyes unable to escape them.

The next step is to read them all, understand them and make sure as the knowledge captured between the covers makes it into my head somehow.  But since – if researchers are to be believed – reading reduces stress and Alzheimer risk, expands your vocabulary and analytical thinking, improves both memory and focus and makes you a better writer I really can’t see a downside to owning more books!

the beginning of my 'Master' collection

the beginning of my ‘Master’ collection