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It’s the second week of my Masters, first week back lecturing,  and the last few days have been very long – sleep seems to have become a luxury not  a necessity. But it’s been good, difficult and challenging.

Yesterday I was the first one up to have my novel criticised and as I sat on that hard, uncomfortable chair (both literally and figuratively) my novel was torn apart and shredded, my work demolished.

Of course the whole situation upset me somewhat, while it wasn’t personal it wasn’t an easy place to be in. However, I do have to admit, that what was said, what was criticised was right. Every poke, prod and pull at my words and sentences had a point, sometimes even several. Not that it made me feel any better, but hopefully it will make me a better writer.

So now, that my first draft is trashed, I will start afresh, rewrite, rework and re-imagine.

left reading - right the destruction of my novel

left reading – right the destruction of my novel