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Last week a minor disaster struck my backyard. I was getting the car ready to bring my niece to the airport when she closed the front door behind herself, leaving us locked out on the curb.

Luckily my neighbour was home and in a daring act of trapeze agility I clambered up onto her backyard wall and balanced across to my own tiny one. It really wasn’t that difficult as the ledge was wide enough, but as I stood and looked down into my yard I realised that I was pretty high up – two meters ten or so (about 6ft9)  plus my own height (nearly 5ft7).

Jumping was out of the question and since I have a shelf positioned against the back wall dangling down was out of the question, too. When I tried stepping on the shelf it swayed – not the sturdiest of constructions – but I really didn’t have any other option.

As I slowly lowered my self down, keeping as much weight as I could on the back wall I managed to jimmy myself downwards into the backyard. However as I found my footing on solid ground the shelf came crashing down around me.

One bruised hip, a scraped knee (yes like a seven year old) and a sore ankle later and my backyard was a mess. Having to leave the chaos behind as I drove my niece to the airport I decided it would be time for a bit of a revamp- so finally yesterday I got around to putting thought into action. Now, a week after destruction day and a visit to the garden-center, my backyard looks pretty again.

pinkpot backyard pots blue_windmill