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A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Comedian Phylis Diller

When your day starts with a smile it is always a sign about things to come – so today promises to be a good one. And the thing that makes me smile even more is that I have myself to thank for my own happy mood.

As I sat down at my desk this morning I was rewarded with a clean tidy space and an already very ‘ticked-off’ to-do list already waiting for further treatment. There is something very satisfying about following up after a very busy day, I already feel a few steps ahead, very unlike my perpetual few steps behind.

With so much already done the rest seems more manageable, less daunting – and who knows maybe I will manage to finish my entire list this week, it would be the first time in ages and a goal to aspire to.

So, still smiling I am checking of my to-list and enjoying the sense of accomplishment it leaves me with – simple pleasures are often those we overlook but are also often those that give the most joy. And instead of waiting for those few momentous moments in life that make our hearts burst with happiness it seems to make sense to take the simple smiles as they come.  Small practice runs for those precious exhilarating experiences making every day happier and filled with smiles.