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It may be Sunday but does not mean it is a day of rest for me. Over the last two weeks I have been so busy that I have neglected all those domestic chores that seem to just stack up.

One of the reasons for my messy desk and pile of washing have been a few unexpected outings. Last week Friday I went to see an exhibition opening in a tiny gallery called Flood. A friend of mine was showing a piece of her recent work so I went along to show my support.

Then during the week I was invited on a trip to lovely Leitrim. An artist I know invited me to her opening and since it was on the other side of the island she even hired a bus to take us there. The journey to the galley felt like a school trip, we all sat, chatted, ate sandwiches and enjoyed  a sneak peak of a brood of giggly ‘hens’, as they piled out of a stretch limo to relieve their bladders on the side of the road. Once we reached our destination, The Dock in beautiful Carrick-On-Shannon,we all enjoyed an evening of art and wine, a truly cultured night out, an art adventure if you will.

And yesterday I spent the day helping a friend, she has a solo exhibition later this month in Belfast Exposed. Since she doesn’t have a car she asked me to drive her and her precious cargo up north.

So after a week filled with exhibition excitement I now have to spend the day at my desk, tackling the pile of paperwork invading my keyboard. The washing will have to wait until tomorrow, as will the shopping  and for now I think I am all ‘arted’ out.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.  – Pablo Picasso