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Like many people all around the globe I too have a facebook page, however I really am not for posting what I’ve had for breakfast or that I have popped out to buy some milk, nor am I on it 24/7. In essence Facebook is just an easy way for me to keep in touch with certain friends and acquaintances in my life, and to play the odd game of solitaire. 

However lately the ads that pop up on the side of my page are quite entertaining and a little stalkery. On a  daily basis fireman Johnny and millionaire Marc appear smiling up at me, declaring they are single and only live 6.8Km away.

I have no idea who these men are, if they are who facebook claims them to be, nor do I know if they are single, or how even facebook knows that I am. But since they keep showing up with that hopeful look on their faces I want to tell facebook, Johnny and Marc thanks for the offer but please stop stalking me.

And if they can refrain from appearing before me maybe I should stop playing solitaire and go out and learn how to dance a paso doble … or at the very least buy myself a cuddle cushion that facebook shows me when Johnny and Marc are taking a break.

a cuddle cushion for all us single gals out there

this picture made me laugh out loud, a cuddle cushion for all us single gals out there