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Onions, I love them but this morning they seem to have taken over my breath. I know it’s my own fault as I ordered a plate of chips with cheese and onions late last night, not knowing that all the chef would do is chop up a massive onion and sprinkle the raw delights all over my chips. Lucky for him I enjoy eating onions, unlucky for me I now smell like a bag of crisps.

But it did make me think about food and why we like what we like. I have a thing for tomatoes, liquorice, pickles, cheese and berries,  I love my meat and enjoy flavoursome food. I don’t get the low-salt, low-fat, low-taste food and sometimes wonder if by eating such blandness makes the eaters bland too.

Fat is the main carrier of taste in food, so it is not surprising that what we really enjoy eating contains it, along with cholesterol. Peoples obsession with cholesterol seems somewhat out of place when you know that it is the main ingredient responsible for making hormones in our bodies. This means if you go out of your way to not eat cholesterol your happy hormones (serotonin) and even sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) don’t get produced. This makes it no coincidence that high levels of cholesterol can be found in most traditional aphrodisiacs, and interestingly enough it doesn’t grow on trees but can only be found in animal foods. Maybe that is why vegetarians tend to have lower libidos than meat eaters, and don’t get me started on vegans.

Did you know that the famous Mr Kellogg’s invented his cereals for the sole purpose to reduce peoples sex drive (remember that weird film back in the 90s The Road to Wellville). He even told people to stop eating meat as he believed that carnal desire and carnivorism were too closely linked. And tofu, considered to be such a healthy wholesome food is used by Zen monks to represses their libido and keep them celibate. Even Japanese wife’s have learned that by increasing their unfaithful husbands soy intake they stray less.

I am not saying don’t eat vegetables or fruit and whole-bread is better than white but maybe reconsider the idea that fat aka cholesterol is purely bad. After all the word diet does have die in it, meaning it may just kill off all those happy and naughty feelings.

With all that said I am also well aware that onion-breath is not very sexy and possibly the reason why I remained unkissed last night and it’s not looking better this morning.