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In this chase of blogs I got caught and am now It … so stilishbabe asked me a question, I have to answer and then ask 11 other people a question, too.  Now I know we all want to know how to solve world hunger and spread peace but what we really want to know is what your sock drawer is hiding and what do you do when you’re alone, or am I the only one who is nosey?

stilishbabe asked me this: How do you manage to be so good at all these ?Designer,lecturer ,writer?? HOOOW?

I actually am quite surprised by the question as I am not really especially good  at any of the three. Yes, I think I do a good job, no better or worse than others, but am I a stand out talent, not really. But I will take the compliment and just say … when you do something you like, have fun with and challenges you I think you strive to get better at it. And as the saying goes, practice makes perfect and I have been at it for a while so am on a road toward getting good, perfect is something I don’t want to be as flaws make things special just like a stamp, the ones that are rare due to misprint or imperfections are the ones everyone wants.

Now to my questions:

morezennow: when selling drugs from your basement, do you ever switch them just to see what happens?

kate: how many cups of coffee does your cat drink a day and does it have to be starbucks … also do you share and is it a latte?

Lil and Jil: who steals whose clothes the most and does it go as far as underwear … and is there something you don’t know about each other, common cough it up!

realityinprogress: as a wandering soul what kind of shoes do you wear and what do you always carry with you?

notlostjustweird: as a Shakespearean what character out of which play would you be and why ….and how many alter-egos do you have?

Anna: what hat is it you wear, is it a thinking one and what is the story behind it?

Jots: what is your favourite artist or piece of art and why?

astimegoesbuy: as a fashionista bloganista what is your take on the LBD … and favourite vintage find?

spookysister: as a girl who is woeing and being woed what impact has it had on your nails and working live? Are you getting any work done or just daydreaming and have you chewed those nails off yet?

blameitondisney: which Disney character do you want to be like and which one are you most like (can be other cartoons too)

goodoldgirl: as a puzzler how do feel about labyrinths, how long does it take you to do a crossword  and have you ever gotten lost in a maze?