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For a week now I have been working around the piles of unorganised paperwork and stacks of corrections that are towering around my desk. This unpleasant sight  not only invades my workspace it has now started to creep into my dreams, never a good sign.

So today I have decide, reluctantly and with a lot of inner tantrum trowing, to finally deal with my desk, tidy up and give myself some space.

While my intentions are good, I have to admit that I am struggling to get my procrastination off the easy-chair and into gear. In German there is a word for that inner battle between what you want to be doing and the inability to get a move on –  ‘innerer Schweinehund (inner pig-dog)’.

An ‘innerer Schweinehund’, is that metaphorical sloth, that lounges around and daydreams, it’s the absence of that ‘get up an go’ – it probably ate it for breakfast.

Some of us seem to only have a toy version of a ‘innerer Schweinehund’, it just yaps around their ankle and is easy enough to step over and ignore, other have reared a sizable specimen, a boar of hog, big tusks and loud grunts impossible to overlook and even harder to get around.

So to help me get moving and shimmy and shake around my bully of a ‘Schweinehund’ I have put on some music and this song by German singer/songwriter  Annette Louisan may just be my anthem of the day !