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tomatoesWith August quickly fading into distant memory and the summer sprinting towards it’s finish-line, my path-tomatoes are still going strong, or at the very least the last ones are ripening up.

Yesterday, I had my biggest harvest yet, as I was able to pick nine juicy tomatoes for my lunch. I have been picking the ripe ones since they started to redden up but never have I been able to gather so many at the same time.

And I was delighted to see that there are still some yummy cherry tomatoes ripening on the plant. I just hope that the sun will give us a few more sunny days for the last few path-tomatoes to turn red and delight my taste-buds.   I have to say, even if there haven’t been tons of tomatoes to harvest they have been extremely delicious, possibly the best I have every eaten – but then I am bias.

So, as this years experiment is slowly coming to it’s end I now know that path-tomatoes are a definite on my to-plant-list for 2015. After all as tomatoes are one of my all time favourite foods, why wouldn’t I grab the opportunity to grow my own supply?

It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.

Author Lewis Grizzard