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Well this weekend I seem to have morphed into a domestic diva … yesterday I spent all day mopping , dusting and scrubbing, gleaming up my house making it all sparkly and clean. I even changed the sheets!

And today I only took a tiny break to wanderer around an antiques fair and even though I came back empty handed I did enjoy my little trip. But since then I have been potting, planting and preparing my tiny yard and windowsills for the cold season. I have taken my herbs indoor in the hope they’ll survive and attached a rain-cover to my bike to protect the saddle. That way I’ll never get a wet bum.

And now I think I may even tackle the Kitchen. it needs some reorganizing and my herbs need a home so a little reshuffling is on the agenda. However as the light is fading and I still need to clean the mess I made outside those selves may need to wait until tomorrow.

I just hope my Domestic Diva has another day in her, after all she rarely comes out to play and she may just disappear behind that satisfied smile for a while. But if I’m lucky I can coax her out with some chocolate and red wine, a yummy, relaxing treat perfect for those Diva desires.