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Although I have been surrounded by lists over the last few weeks (things-to-do, things-to-buy,things-to-pack etc) I have been feeling somewhat listless today.

I think it may be down to the fact that I am neither here nor there. I may still be psychically in Dublin but my mind and thoughts are already in Germany, sprinting ahead leaving me, my body behind. This state of transientness is quite annoying as I still have several things to-do but sadly all I want to do is go, leave, fly-away.

Thankfully as my patience is running out so is time and I only have two more sleeps (well a sleep and a half since I have to get up at half three on Thursday) to go until I can finally vamoose. And it really is high time since my stash of liquorice is low, well nearly entirely gone.

So I will try to shake my listlessness and tackle my list, cross off an item or two before I hit the hay and reduce sleeps.

my last lists before Berlin

my last lists before Berlin