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clothesI spent the best part of yesterday reorganising my closet. I have been meaning to do it for a while now but somehow I have never had the time or the right state of mind to dive in and declutter.

As I waded through mounds of clothes, trying on tops and pants, deciding the fate of flower and plain, I realised that I wasn’t just sorting out clothes, I was looking at lots of memories. The dress I wore to my brothers wedding, the skirt I wore on a date, the blouse I took to Egypt, the T-shirt I’ve had since I was 18. Of course these memories of happy and sometimes sad times can make it hard to sort things out, but if you take a step back and see the items for what they really are it makes it easier.

If something didn’t fit right, was too tight or too wide, if something was well past it’s wearable-in-public state, or was something just wasn’t really me, it was put aside to either bin or donate. So one big, black, donate bag filled with jumpers, cardigans, skirts and tops later my wardrobe was looking much better.

But to my surprise I actually do wear most of the things I own. I have certain items that I wear all year round, others at specific times of the year and then there are a few held back for special occasions. And I even found a jumper I have been looking for tucked away in the back, a pair of shoes I knew I had, but that where hidden away in the wrong box, and dress I forgot I had but fits beautifully.

And yes, I admit I still have way to many clothes and I did keep a handful of items I could of thrown out, but they pulled too much at my heart or reminded me of a past me. A skirt and dress I love but are a little too tight, I kept them to inspire me to lose weight and wear them in the summer again. Two tops that I have had forever and love, but have to admit I can only really wear around my home, so I decided to give them one more summer before I turn them into rags. And finally a silk blouse I bought 15 years ago in Istanbul, it doesn’t fit em anymore but I want to re-purpose it, into what I do not know yet.

This morning when I opened my clean closet I smiled, all my hard work visible dangling orderly on hangers. And with Spring not too far off I was reminded of a quote I once read by Carl Friedrich Gauss, the Prince of Mathematician who paved the way for Einstein. He said so beautifully:

Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new brilliant clothes.