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Who knew teenagers would still delight in bog mummies? After I met up with my lovely niece and her freind yesterday, I took them to Trinity College in Dublin to take a peak at the Book of Kells and marvel at the magnificent old Libary.

A page from the Book of Kells

even Harry Potter couldn’t resist, the Trinity College Old Library features in the films

As we wandered around and I acted as simultaneous interpreter I suddenly realised that I was morphing into a dictionary. They asked me about everything and I often was a little bit stumped at how to explain things, but at least they did seem interested. After half an hour in the library and about twenty hours in the gift shop I took them to Cafe en Seine, a beautifully opulent restaurant/bar/cafe on the south side of Dublin and served them sweets and hot drinks and watched them giggle and gossip and take a photographing tour around the place.

Cafe en Seine

Once their needs had been met thy struggled in deciding on what to do so i made an executive decision and ushered them to the National Museum. Their photo taking fingers clicking as they walked and chatted we entered the beautiful museum and I was surprised at how their eyes lit up at the big entrance hall.

The National Museum entrance hall

But the thing that earned the most laughs and awe were the bog bodies. These mummified men found out in the bog date back to 300-500BC and widened their eyes and made them ask even more questions. So the day was a success and while they are slumbering upstairs I need to hurry to get to work on time and plan another afternoon filled with delights and surprises and I am sure some chocolate eclairs.