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I suppose I am quiet a tidy person, I like to know where things are and my home to look neat. I actually believe my hankering for a clean house has a lot to do with the fact that I am lazy. I hate looking for things, I hate being in a hurry and the scissors are not where they are suppose to be delaying me even further. Or if I have to sort through a whole stack of clothes to find what I want to wear I get fed up half way though, feeling annoyed and upset that I have to change my mind.

I definitely am no minimalist though either. I have memories surrounding me in all shapes, sizes and forms. Photos of family and friends in silver (fake) frames, the tiny clogs I wore a s a child sit on a shelf, a few shells I picked up at the beach adorn my bathroom and I have books, cds, dvds, and general knick-knacks strown around the place turning the house I live in into my home, making it feel mine. But everything has its place or is a little bit organized. The cups with the cups, the books alphabetized by author (yes I am a geek), folders with paperwork over the desk etc.

But there are two spots in my home that allow my inner chaotic mind to be able to push through and have a field day. The first is my desk, or the wide shelf that functions as one. This is the place I sit most  at when I am at home and I seem to have a magnetic field surround me that attracts scraps of paper, unpaid bills, to-do-lists, books, folders and over bits and pieces that then end up in a leaning-tower of Pisa style pile beside my keyboard.

The second area that seems to be a place where chaos goes to live is under my stairs. It is a tiny little cubby-hole that houses an array of things. My snorkel sits beside the Christmas tree stand on top of a box filled with bits and pieces right next to unused but maybe needed plant pots and a little green hoover presides over them all. And now squashed in towards the back is the new blowup mattress I bought for the German occupation. This little vortex under the stairs seems to be much more spacious than you’d think and I sometimes wonder if isn’t related to the TARDIS. But as long as the doors still close when I have stashed away some other unused item I don’t really mind.

Now with my blog for the day done I think I’ll go and watch Hoarders, let my guilty pleasure take over and enjoy the chaos others have created and hope the vortex under the stairs doesn’t burst open.