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The Irish spring sun is showing off its rays today, and since I have some course to prepare for I have moved from my desk to the table by the window.

One of the classes I’m preparing for is all about Irish politics and how the media deals with it, so my nose is stuck in a thick academic book reading all about Ireland and the EU.  As I make slow progress over the tightly typed up pages I can’t help but feel the need for something to stop my mind from wandering off topic and out into the sunny world outside my window.

Luckily I passed a bakery on my way home from teaching today and I decided to treat myself to a rare indulgence – a sticky toffee donut – as a little pick me up for when that afternoon lull hits and steals away my concentration. So now, as I read the sometimes hard to compute academic essays on topics I need to understand a cup of hot coffee and a sugary treat helps me sweeten the time.

And who knew that coffee and politics can be a perfect combination?

sometimes the words of academia need a bit of sweetening