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Yesterday the sun came out in Dublin to celebrate my graduation with me. It was an early start as all graduates had to try on cap and gown at 8.30 am. Everyone showed up dressed for the occasions, and while some cleavages were lower, some heels higher, some beards scruffier and some outfits more casual than others everyone looked great.

So gowns were shrugged on and caps placed on heads and I suddenly realized that I had never considered the possibility of hat hair as my freshly washed hair was plastered down by the black mortarboard balancing on my head. But I decided that was the price you pay for having the privilege of donning cap and gown when graduating.

The ceremony was long – some of the speeches even longer – but the atmosphere was great. even if the presidential election was barely mentioned (unusual for an American college in Ireland) and Trump’s name not uttered.

For me the biggest surprise was when I was handed my parchment and I discovered it was just an empty piece of paper rolled up  and tied with a blue ribbon. My degree still rests in the hallowed halls of the college and I’ll have to drop in an pick it up one of these days.

It feels great that I’ve achieved this goal can now call myself a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) even if I still think I may be only a Jack of all trades …

graduation parchment - just an empty piece of paper

graduation parchment – just an empty piece of paper

celebratory donuts

celebratory donuts