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On the way back from Mud Island community garden I bumped into a sexy kitten, a  very little red riding hood and a miniature witch, a sexy zombie who seemed to have lost her skirt and a man in a creepy clown mask pushing a baby in a pram. It seemed that Halloween had begun and I still needed to get a few threats for all of those knocks on my door.

But before I went shopping I popped in to Mud Island and took a sneak peak at the haunted house and graveyard waiting to scare everyone. I couldn’t believe how great it turn out and was just glad I had some light to see it all and not get too scared.


dog door hauntedhouse1 lamp candels hand man light hand2 cuff hauntedhouse2 clown clown2 shoes skull graveyard3 dracula zombie graveyard2 tomriddle graveyard pumpkin2 skelleton2 skeleton ghost coffin lamp2