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Last year I joined my aunt for a trip to Denmark. the weather was awful and my nose got stuck in between hay-fever and a cold.

On our last day we stayed in a beautiful small town called Kerteminde. It was a magical place, cobble stones and tiny houses with colorfully painted shutters and pots of geraniums outside every door but it rained non-stop as we walked around, our feet getting wet and my nose dripping as much as the drainpipes.

Just before lunch we ended up in the artists Johannes Larsen’s house. I was feeling quite miserable, my shoes squelched when I walked and my wet hair dripped down my back. I was just about to ask my aunt if she was ready to leave when suddenly a bright ray of sun filled the room we were in, dipping everything in a greenish hue (a reflection of all the trees outside) and creating a magical atmosphere – one filled with promise and joy.


a ray of light and suddenly the world changed